Where NFT communities come to vibe

With the Microverse, you can build your own multiplayer 2D worlds to bring NFTs to life!

Design worlds without limits

Microverse opens the door to a new world of creativity for world builders. With its easy-to-use toolset, it's never been more fun to build your own interactive 2D worlds.

Build Web3 worlds with ease

We make it a breeze to add blockchain functionality to your worlds with no coding required.

Bring your NFTs to life

Explore worlds by using your favorite NFT character, and switch to a different one whenever you want — it’s that simple!

Integrate minting experiences

Bring more value to your worlds by adding in-game minting machines so players can mint NFTs from anywhere in your world.

Add token-gated access

Make your Microverse exclusive by token-gating worlds or rooms based on NFT ownership so only token holders can access.

Jump in and unlock next-level community engagement

Your community deserves a hangout as creative as they are, so drop into the Microverse and build it for them!

Throw live music shows

Shake things up with live music shows in the metaverse. Our lighting system synchronizes with each beat to bring your community to the dance floor!

Host a yoga session

Invite your community to enter a zen-like state by planning yoga sessions! Add soothing music and lighting effects to make it even more inviting.

Make fun quests

Gamify your worlds with quests, and keep your community engaged by challenging them to complete a certain number of objectives.

Do more with kits, wherever your imagination takes you.

From medieval tents to pirate ships, discover infinite elements to create your world in minutes with our starter kits.

Power up your worlds with interactions

With no coding required and an easy-to-use interface, it's a snap to make your worlds even more interactive.

Create interactive stories

Set up non-playable character (NPC) dialogues to let your community decide the next move.

Make collectibles

Have visitors explore and interact with the surroundings to collect different items which can be used to complete quests.

Create wearables

From shirts to accessories, you can create all sorts of wearables to customize an NFT character's appearance.

Add effects

You can add effects like music or fireworks to create an even more realistic experience for your collectors.
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